Level Overview

Our lessons are in accordance with Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). After the end of each level, you will be able to:

CEFR Course Level Hours per level Use of language
A1 A1.1 18 hours

L: Understand familiar words and simple phrases at slow speed

S: Communicate in short, simple phrases

R: Comprehend simple sentences

W: Produce short, simple notes, fill in forms

A1.2 18 hours
A1.3 18 hours
A2 A2.1 18 hours

L: Understand overall meaning of short, simple, clearly spoken messages

S: Make yourself understood with a series of sentences in familiar situations

R: Comprehend short, simple text or longer one on familiar topic

W: Produce short simple texts, emails, messages

A2.2 18 hours
A2.3 18 hours
A2.4 18 hours
B1 B1.1 18 hours

L: Understand important information on a range of topics

S: Participate in conversations regarding familiar topics and current events

R: Comprehend texts in everyday language for general and job- related purposes

W: Produce simple, connected text on familiar topics

B1.2 18 hours
B1.3 18 hours
B1.4 18 hours
B1.5 18 hours
B2 B2.1 18 hours

L: Follow lengthy statements and reports (such as films and TV programmes) when topic is familiar

S: Relay ideas relatively fluently and spontaneously; actively  participate in discussions

R: Understand articles, reports and contemporary prose

W: Produce detailed text (essays, reports, letters) and present arguments effectively

B2.2 18 hours
B2.3 18 hours
B2.4 18 hours
B2.5 18 hours
L: Listening S: Speaking R: Reading W: Writing
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